Objectives for camper development (Summer Program)

  1. Connection to Christ – each camper will understand and/or experience – in at least one fresh, powerful, and personal way – the meaning of following Jesus Christ

  2. Life as a Follower of Christ- We hope that each camper will leave Sound View with a new awareness of what it means to act, live, and love as a follower of Christ, both in the Christian community and the secular world.       

  3. Stewardship (Earth Care) – each camper will be exposed to the Biblical principle of stewardship that he/she has been entrusted with by God which includes a personal realm of privilege, responsibility, and power.  This realm includes his or her own mind, body, and sphere of influence (money, belongings, impact on the natural environment, other people, and history)

Personal Achievement for Campers

  1. Community Building – each camper will gain a new appreciation of, and/or new skills in the world around them.  Possible areas are: spiritual gifts, conflict resolution, service to those in need, one’s role in culture or history, Earth Care, home, school or work.

  2. Life Skills: each camper will gain at least one significant new skill for competence in the real world: Possible areas are cleanliness and health maintenance, organization, discipline, perseverance, and social skill

  3. Programs: each camper will be appropriately stretched to reach a new level of accomplishment in three specific programmatic areas.  Possible areas are challenge course,  aquatics, animal care, arts and crafts, music, athletics.