Sure, we have a "wish list"

Here are some of the things that would make Sound View just a little bit more interesting.  These are things that we hope to buy - either really soon, or in the not-so-distant future that could easily be jump-started by a kind donor, or two, or three......

The model we want could handle 10 paddlers

The model we want could handle 10 paddlers

Big Canoe

Seriously, wouldn't it be awesome if a group from Sound View could venture out on Puget Sound in one of these?  This could be an entire cabin group, the LIT "pirates", some scouts, or a boatload of family campers.  Yes, one of these is expensive, but isn't that the purpose of a "wish" list?

You really can see great things with these

You really can see great things with these

Binoculars for Astronomy and Bird Watching (10 of them)

Maybe you have a pair or two lying around the house or maybe you anonymously (or with a flourish) want to order a bunch of these for camp.  Through a simple pair of good binoculars, you can see the moons of Jupiter as well as closeups of our favorite Pacific Northwest birds.  Imagine a group of campers, on their backs, on the camp pier, gazing at seagulls by day and stars at night.

every camp needs a piano

every camp needs a piano

Digital Piano (3 of them)

Camp will always be a place of music.  Whether for worship, atmosphere, talent shows, or just for fun, the piano is item of choice for learning a song.  The trouble is, acoustic pianos are heavy, hard to tune, and are not happy in the ever-changing environments of a camp lodge or dining hall.  The good thing is that digital ones are lighter (way-lighter) and stay in tune, and can be unplugged so kids don't bang on them.


2-Person Sea Kayak (6 of them)

Canoes are great but it you really want to traverse the Sound with a friend then this is your ride.  Having a fleet of these would change a whole bunch of things, primarily adding a teen/adult component to our waterfront.  For Sound View, our amazing beach makes it a perfect place to carry and launch sea kayaks.


Hay Wagon for Hay Rides

Sometimes it would just be nice to be able to transport people to and from the waterfront without worrying if folks can negotiate our famous hills.  Plus it would be wonderful, in the fall to have hayrides through the camp and the back trails - maybe singing songs and telling stories along the way.  We own the perfect tractor - an old Ford.  All that is needed is the wagon to pull.


Disc Golf Baskets (9 of them)

The ability to put up a frisbee golf (it is called disc golf now) course and the ability to move it around to keep it fresh and challenging would be a great thing for camp.  These portable disc baskets are way-better than just hitting a tree with a frisbee (disc) and probably helps prevent frisbees (discs) getting lost or not retreived because the thrower would rather not brave the blackberry bushes where the frisbee (disc) eating critter live At the end of the disc golf season, they can be stored away..


Log Splitter

All those cozy little fires started at camp need fuel.  We have lots of fuel at camp but it is the form of big trees.  When a tree is felled, (or falls on its own) it cab be cut and then split up for those campfires and wood stoves.   We of course can do our best Able Lincoln impersonations and split logs with the trusty ax, maul, and sledge - but that does get old after a while as well as quite tiring.  So .... a heavy duty log splitter would be very nice.