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Project X 20


This is a spur-of-the-moment, lets-get-this-done, volunteer work Saturday for 10 (X - get it?) carpentry-minded adults and a let's-play-and-try-new-things-out with amazing adult supervision for up to 20 kids. (ages 8 and up). It is an X-20 Saturday!

Adults will be finishing framing and siding for the new CAZ Lodge. Two sides are done but we REALLY need the building completed by June 20. With a group effort, we can get it done.

The kids will be testing out some new lessons we are creating for our summer and fall programs. Bring a change of clothes because we will be playing a bit on the waterfront.


What a great way to check out camp, for the kids to have fun, and finish this last spring project.

Spaces are limited - X adults (that's Roman for 10) and 20 kids!  It is FREE.