By the Lion’s Mane, a strange device,” said King Peter, “to set a lantern here where the trees cluster so thick about it and so high above it that if it were lit it should give light to no man!

By the Lion's Mane is our unique live action role playing (LARP) game that we run on special weekends for youth - involving both middle- and high-schoolers, as well as adults who act as marshals and non-player characters.  Sound View Camp easily transforms into  fictional Narnia where talking beasts, daughters of Eve, sons of Adam, and various faerie characters solve puzzles, participate in skirmishes and epic battles, to right a great wrong in Aslan's world.  After the role playing, we find meaning, reflection and scriptural parallels in the events that occurred.

LARPing is developing your character, learning to use the tools that your character possesses, whether weapon, wisdom, or other skill.  LARPing is learning how to build, make safe, and use "boffer" swords, shields, spears, and arrows.  LARPing, in our Christian-focused game,  is learning how to work in a group, taking care of each other, solving puzzles together, vanquishing enemies, and learning to survive while being true, honest and faithful to old Narnia.  But also, LARPing is really fun and a great outdoor ministry for Sound View Camp.

Everyone is invited to join in on a LARP weekend.  Even if you don't want to be out in the wilds of Narnia as a hero there are other ways you can play as a scripted character, an inn keeper, a runner, or a multitude of other roles.  The game is NOT ever played at night.  Participants are encouraged to better develop their characters, costumes, behaviors, etc.. between games.


6:00 Arrival
Social Gathering and Boffer Weapon Workshop
Fun, Food, Fellowship

Breakfast, Rules & Scenario
Gameplay (Lunch on the Field)

Traditional Camp Activities
Depart at 3:00



Middle School Registration
High School Registration (Non-Player Characters)
Adult Registration (Marshals, Non-Player Characters)