What does a typical day of summer camp at Sound View Camp look like?

7 AM - Wake up, optional morning dip, and/or morning run.  You do these things each morning then you earn a patch
8 AM - Flag Raising & Breakfast  After that - Morning Chapel, Cabin Cleanup and Cabin Group Activity.
11:00  - First Skill Activity - Campers choose skill activities on the first day.  The goal is to get better at things - like canoeing, archery, naturecraft, etc..
12:30 - Lunch After that .... rest hour.
2:00 - Second Skill Activity
3:00 - Third Skill Activity
4:00 - Campers' Choice.  During this time, waterfront is open, a sport of the day, arts and crafts and other things.
5:30 - Re-group in cabins
6:00  - Dinner
7:00 - Evening Program followed by flag lowering
8:30 - Vesper campfire(s) in the cabin village. songs & stories.
9:30 - Taps - Lights Out

Who will the summer campers spend their time with during the week?

The summer campers spend a lot of their time in their cabin groups, in skill activities of their own choosing, and in free choice activities.  A “cabin” is made up of 6-8 campers of the same gender and similar ages. Cabins are led by a cabin leader who also teach skill activities - helping campers progress during the session. Cabins stay together at night and have meals together.

Who takes care of the summer campers?

Each cabin is led by a cabin leader. In addition to these amazing folks, we have “support staff” that do everything from run the waterfront to cook and clean. The rovers (roving leaders) also supplement the adult staff as part of our leadership development program.   Our summer staff is made up of extremely qualified adults. They go through a rigorous application process, interview, and background check before being hired. Before the summer begins, they attend an intensive staff training to better prepare them to care for each summer camper.

Where do summer campers stay during the week?

Most of our summer campers stay with their group in a “tent cabin.” These are large platform tents that sleep up to ten. They have electricity, a wooden floor, beds with mattresses, and a roof over the tents themselves to provide extra protection from the elements. There is a restroom and shower facility close by. Our Leaders in Training (LIT) summer campers stay in “chalets,” which are smaller wooden cabins that also have electricity.  Mini-Campers stay in one of our two lodges as well as Expedition Campers when they are not exploring.  

What do summer campers eat?

Our meals are planned by our kitchen staff to be hearty, healthy, and tasty! We provide vegetarian options at each meal, and can accommodate most any other dietary need as long as we know in advance (we ask during registration). If a summer camper doesn't care for a meal, we generally have alternatives available. We provide a snack in the afternoons, and s'mores after campfire one evening!

What happens if a summer camper gets homesick?

Homesickness is expected, and our staff is trained to respond with compassion. If a summer camper is having an especially hard time, our first goal will be to assist them so they can have a great week. In more extreme cases, staff may contact the parent or guardian for guidance.

How do you handle first aid and allergies?

Our staff is certified in First Aid and CPR (including child and infant CPR) and trained to use EpiPens. We also have a staffer or volunteer with additional training (such as registered nurses, EMTs, first responders, or professional rescuers) serving as health care provider during the week. This person is responsible for distributing medications and handling first aid situations beyond bumps and bruises. If a summer camper experiences a injury or illness that requires more than routine attention, we will contact you and make arrangements for the most appropriate care. We ask about allergies during the registration process, and make sure that campers are kept safe during their stay.

What makes Sound View Special?

The answer we hear most from summer campers and parents is that everyone can feel like they belong here. We accept everyone for who they are, and summer campers are able to express their individualities in a welcome environment. We foster a community that allows summer campers to grow and experience God in the ways that they personally need to. God made us all different, and we celebrate that every summer together.

How can I contact camp if I have more questions?

You may email us at info@soundviewcamp.com, or call our office at 253-884-9202.  You can also email the camp director at director@soundviewcamp.com

How should we prepare for summer camp at Sound View?

  • Pack together. This is suggested if your summer camper is not old enough to do it alone. This way your summer camper will know what is there and where it's packed. It also helps to label everything!
  • Make mail easier. Pre-addressing and stamping envelopes or postcards significantly increases the chance of receiving of a letter from your child during summer camp!
  • Let your summer camper know what to expect. Not just the fun and games, but also the new relationships, a new appreciation of God and creation, and unique opportunities to learn and grow. It can be very significant if you let your child know that you trust them to be “on their own” at summer camp for a week, and are excited to hear about all they've learned and how they've grown when they return home!
  • Avoid anxiety. Emphasize the positive and pray with your summer camper. Our staff are extremely well trained, and our executive staff work year round to make sure this is an awesome week for your summer camper.


When should I arrive at Sound View to drop off my summer camper?

Check in is typically from 4 to 5:30 PM on the starting day of the summer camp session.


When should I arrive at Sound View to pick up my summer camper?

Closing chapel starts at 9:15 AM on last day of the summer camp session.  Check out is at 9:45 AM.


What should we do when we arrive at Sound View for summer camp?

  • Sound View‛s speed limit is 10mph.
  • Continue on the main camp road until you see all the cars, people, and activity. Look for the yellow kiosk on the left, and please park to the right!


Does Sound View provide discounts for summer camp?

Yes! Please contact us at (253) 884-9202 or info@soundviewcamp.com for more information about our current discounts.

Does Sound View provide scholarships for summer camp?

Yes!  If spending a week getting to know God is high on your priority list but money is low, download, complete, and mail-in the Scholarship Application. We'll do everything we can to provide you with what you need!