PLEASE - Help Us Weather the Lean Months


We have mostly prepared Sound View for fall/winter and, as usual for this time of year, are worried about the lean months ahead. We are looking to bolster our SOUND VIEW FUND to help us keep up the good work and prepare for the busy season of 2020.

One hundred acres of woods, fields, farm, waterfront and numerous buildings is truly a handful to maintain. Sure - in the summer we have able-bodied college kids to help with the everyday tasks of keeping Sound View looking and functioning well - but, this time of the year we have only three staff members to do the work and deal with what nature hands out.

We do offer retreats into the late-fall which provides some income for salaries and maintenance needs but it is never quite enough. This is why we rely on contributions to the Sound View Fund to help us make ends meet . Every little bit helps and recurring donations (tax deductible) are easily set up. With your help we can -

  • Tend the garden,

  • Repair boats,

  • Feed the animals,

  • Paint,

  • Deal with fallen trees,

  • Fix buildings,

  • Replace mattresses,

  • Change batteries in dozens of smoke detectors,

  • Maintain and widen trails,

  • Water seal decks and stoops,

  • Keep our year-round staff employed,

  • Fill potholes,

  • Pay dues,

  • Print brochures,

  • Replace equipment,

  • and perform countless tasks required to keep Sound View the amazing place that it is.

So please - consider the SOUND VIEW FUND into your annual giving. This ministry means so much to so many and can really use your help.