Call Goody Work Weekends

I asked Goody, our amazing site manager, to put together a list of achievable projects that a work party could accomplish if they came out to camp for say - a Saturday or even a weekend. What he came up with is quite remarkable - some tasks requiring skilled labor and others needing just enthusiastic worker bees.


As I visit churches and talk with youth organizations, I always hear stories of how volunteers have reshaped Sound View. This has not changed for it is quite impossible for our small but talented staff team to keep up with everything. We are still happily and creatively working on making the site better, safer, and more welcoming. We have no lack of ideas.

One of my favorite quotes from a camp in Wisconsin is - “Dream big dreams - then put on your overalls”. We do spend a lot of time in work clothes sprucing up the place, building new and interesting “stuff” and we are always willing to share the joy.

If your church or organization of adults or dedicated teens has been talking about getting out and doing some service somewhere - then maybe that “somewhere” could be Sound View. We have a great shop loaded with tools and a a willingness to barter meals for work. then call (253-884-9202 - extension 3) or email Goody to hammer (get it? hammer) out details.