Sure, we have a wish list!

Sure, we have a "wish list"

Here are some of the things that would make Sound View just a little bit more interesting.  These are things that we hope to buy - either really soon, or in the not-so-distant future that could easily be jump-started by a kind donor, or two, or three......


Bicycles for Expedition

One Speed - Coaster Brakes

One Speed - Coaster Brakes

Our summer Expedition trips take us to Anderson Island - just across Drayton Passage - the land that you see from our waterfront.  We like it there because the cars are few, the campsite is quiet and there are two freshwater lakes with great "swimming holes". 

In 2019, we want to explore the Island more once we get there so we need about 20 simple bicycles and helmets.  They don't need to be fancy - but in good, safe shape, geared towards ages 12 plus with room for us to install a back rack.

If you have one (or two or three) to donate - we will gladly come to pick them up.


In 2017, we created a music lodge where campers learned to sing the camp songs while playing the ukulele.  In 2019, we want to add to the musical magic on the beach with easy-to-play steel drums.  Won't that sound wonderful?  Because ukulele players like to play in the key of C, we would like our steel drums to be in C also.