Sure, we have a wish list!

Sure, we have a "wish list"

Here are some of the things that would make Sound View just a little bit more interesting.  These are things that we hope to buy - either really soon, or in the not-so-distant future that could easily be jump-started by a kind donor, or two, or three......


 A BIG Canoe

A BIG Canoe

Seriously, wouldn't it be awesome if a group from Sound View could venture out on Puget Sound in one of these?  This could be an entire cabin group, the LIT "pirates", some scouts, or a boatload of family campers.  Yes, one of these is expensive, but isn't that the purpose of a "wish" list?

Binoculars for Astronomy and Bird Watching


Maybe you have a pair or two lying around the house or maybe you anonymously (or with a flourish) want to order a bunch of these for camp.  Through a simple pair of good binoculars, you can see the moons of Jupiter as well as closeups of our favorite Pacific Northwest birds.  Imagine a group of campers and outdoor education students, on their backs, on the camp pier, gazing at seagulls by day and stars at night.

We hope to get several donated to be part of a "match" for our Presbytery revitalization grant.



These little round boats can be paddled like a kayak or a canoe, stood up and operated like a paddle board, and even turned upside-down for jumping on and off.  They are light enough for kids to carry.  They are perfect for play.  Imagine a fleet of these at high tide in the lagoon for crazy corcl races!  To store them, you just stack them.

We are slated to purchase these in March as part of the Presbytery revitalization grant.  If individual donors are willing to purchase one or two, then we can claim a "match" and use funds for other neat equipment.

Steel Drums


In 2017, we created a music lodge where campers learned to sing the camp songs while playing the ukulele.  In 2018, we want to add to the musical magic on the beach with easy-to-play steel drums.  Won't that sound wonderful.  Because ukulele players like to play in the key of C, we would like our steel drums to be in C also.