Thankful Wednesday


Sound View Camp is blessed with diverse, interesting, and dedicated groups who retreat at our site throughout the entire year. As with summer campers, they have a love for the peace and solitude found in our woods, fields, farm, and shoreline. For many of these groups, they would choose no other place.

Sure, we don’t have the most modern facilities and adventurous adults are still obligated to navigate the bunk beds. We don’t have paved pathways and often the trail is not well-lit. We are un-apologetically more “campy” than “conference-y” .

But that’s OK.

I explain to my staff that a successful year-round camp is like a three-legged stool. The first leg is a strong, missional summer camp program. The second leg are groups that come mid-week in the non-summer months, primarily schools for outdoor education. The third leg consists of weekend (or longer) retreat groups - which provide a multitude of possibilities and impact on the camp operation. If we were to remove one of those legs, then the entire operation becomes wobbly and unbalanced.

I am so thankful for the retreat groups who visit Sound View and the opportunities that they give us to learn from them, serve them, and for our part in making their retreats a success. Here is a smattering of some of the groups we serve:

  • Church youth groups come to Sound View to bond, study, worship, and participate in team-building activities.

  • Scouts come to camp to earn badges, participate in activities, and perform service.

  • Live Action Role Playing (LARP) groups transform Sound View into a medieval town with adventure and danger.

  • Women’s retreats utilize quiet group time in Calvinwood Lodge, staff-led hike, and of course, wonderful meals in the dining hall.

  • High school ROTC groups come to Sound View to march, bond, and challenge themselves.

  • Churches, organizations, and the WA National Guard utilize the facility and our friendly, talented staff to host various family camps.

  • Families come for reunions.

  • Inner-City tutoring, mentoring and after school programs retreat at Sound View to celebrate kick-off or commencement for their programs.

  • And of course, the weekend youth and family programs which we run ourselves.

As you can see, Sound View is way-more than summer camp. In addition, the people who visit camp in the “off-season”, treated to a friendly staff, clean facilities, and great food would naturally look to Sound View to be their kids’ summer camp.

We are trying to increase capacity to serve more groups in the non-summer months. Making cold, dark tents into warm well-lit cabins is the logical way to make this happen. Please consider a gift to our #SV404040 capital campaign to help us reach our $40,000 goal.