Sustainable Development Goals

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At Sound View we have the the opportunity and the responsibility to educate our guests - especially young people - as to the state of the planet and the need to get involved.

The Presbyterian Church (USA) is active within the United Nations as a tireless advocate for social justice and sustainable living. Recently published and available is an excellent resource for congregations (and camp staff) to reflect, promote discussion, and educate.

From the Presbyterian News Service:

 Presbyterian churches now have a new tool to energize and educate congregations around global issues such as poverty alleviation and climate change. The Presbyterian Ministry at the United Nations (PMUN) has produced a new Educational Resource Guide that highlights what the PC(USA) and its global church partners are doing to address the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

The 17 goals were set by world leaders in 2015 to cover social and economic development issues such as global warming, energy, social justice, poverty and hunger. The UN says the goals are “broad and interdependent,” but contain a list of targets to achieve.


It is so easy to spark discussion with youth about important matters while they are at camp surrounded by nature. The 17 goals in this resource are in harmony with what we are doing at camp and will help us as we reach out to more campers, outdoor environmental education students, and other young people - the generation that will hopefully save the planet.

Our capital campaign is about building capacity - so we can inspire future leaders.