Thankful Monday


For this week of Thanksgiving, I want to take today (Monday) to express how thankful I am for the growing year-round staff team at Sound View.

I am thankful for Natalie Castle who manages our camp’s finances.. You can’t imagine my relief when I took on the director’s job - first as interim and then permanent - that I wouldn’t have to manage payroll, write checks, or deal with the numerous accounting jobs required of a camp operation. Natalie loves crunching numbers, saving money, looking for good deals, and sharing in the planning/dreaming/rethinking of the Sound View operation which has evolved so much since she came on board.

I am thankful for James Goodman (Goody), who as site manager takes good care of the property, is the first friendly face for retreat groups, and goes well-beyond his job description helping manage programs in the summer and off-season. He is not a handyman by trade but Goody has brought Sound View to a “fully-repaired and operational” state in a relatively short period of time. Goody has surely helped define the future of the camp with his ideas, imagination, and enthusiasm. I am thankful also for his wife, Angela, filling numerous camp roles - both program and supportive - and for the Goodman kids for pitching in continuously.

I am thankful for Nancyrose Houston and her ability to create an outdoor environmental education program for Sound View. This was no easy task starting from scratch to build up something truly amazing which defines us as a “Earth Care” facility. I am thankful for her knowledge, creativity, organization skills, and easy-going nature which is so necessary for this camp and OEE program to thrive. I am thankful that she sees all the possibilities for Sound View as a place where all our guests, and not just school children, learn about taking care of Creation.

I am thankful for Hayley Riley who came to us just as things were “heating up” in the kitchen. With more schools coming to Sound View on weekdays, and more retreat groups filling our weekends, Hayley, with her camp cooking and special menus knowledge was a Godsend. I am thankful that Hayley loves what she does, sees the “big picture”, makes amazing salads and desserts, and is willing to be super-flexible as we grow.

I am very thankful for this amazing staff team. I know that as our capacity grows, allowing us to serve more people, touch more lives, and facilitate more joy, this wonderful group of dedicated, mission-driven individual will shine even more.