Mapping Capacity


Our capital campaign is about increasing capacity so Sound View can thrive, serving more individuals, particularly youth, throughout the year.

It is a simple formula: Lodging capacity should be greater than or equal to dining capacity.

Present Dining Hall Capacity - 140

Present Year-Round Lodging

Screenshot 2018-10-22 at 7.33.29 AM.png

Calvinwood Lodge - 32
Longhouse - 36
Shire Cabins* - 32
TOTAL - 100 (* The Shire Cabins (Agapes and Chalets) are not suitable for outdoor education students or youth groups because they each sleep only four. So presently our OEE capacity is 68 - 60 students, 8 chaperons.)

Proposed Year-Round Lodging

Calvinwood Lodge - 32
Longhouse - 36
Shire Cabins* - 32
Converted Tent Cabins - 40 to 80
TOTAL - 140 to 180

This will create 108 to 148 beds suitable for outdoor education (Calvinwood, Longhouse, Cabins). Teachers staying in the Shire will bring the numbers up even more.

This will also create 104 to 144 beds suitable for family programs (Calvinwood, Shire, Cabins).