Earn your way to camp LITs!

Sound View LOVES its Leaders in Training (LITs).


LITs have finished 9th grade (going into 10th) and spend two weeks at camp learning how to be camp leaders and putting what they learned into practical use. 

The first week is a lot of fun, still being campers (somewhat), while learning counseling and program leading skills. 

The second week, the LITs help out with the mini-campers (ages 6-9). The six-year age difference allows the LITs to be effective leaders for some totally excited campers.


The two-week experience costs $400.  Even though this program is already quite a bargain (for a two-week camp), here are ways that it can be even less.

  1. Enroll in a lifeguard class.  LITs with a current lifeguard certification get 50% off of their fee!   We cannot have too many lifeguards at camp. 
  2. Register NOW.  The 15% early-bird discount expires in March.
  3. Help out with the Mud Run Fundraiser.  We need teens to assist in many ways with this event and we will reward your help with a $50 credit towards your LIT session.  Email Goody if interested.
  4. Help out Memorial Day Weekend.  This is a combination work-weekend and family camp.  Besides receiving some awesome, advance program training (and dish washing experience), you will get $75 credit towards your LIT session.  Email Kurt if interested.

We are looking forward to an awesome summer and training future camp leaders!