A message from Nancyrose


We need your help!! The new outdoor environmental education program at Sound View is starting in April and we are in need of your donations. We are looking for binoculars, microscopes, tripods, magnifying glasses, nets, waders, field guides of the local flora and fauna, other books related to nature or environmental education activities, and anything else that you think might be of use. We are also looking for clipboards that students can use to draw and write during outdoor activities. This is the time to clean out your bookshelves, closets, and garages and donate those books and boots that you haven’t used in years.

Please contact Nancyrose Houston by personal message if you have any
materials you think might be useful. She will direct you to a person
with whom you can drop off your donations in Seattle, Tacoma, or
Olympia. You can also drop them off personally at Sound View Camp!
Thank you so much for your generosity…the supplies will be put to good


Nancyrose comes to Sound View after two years coordinating the environmental education program at Parque Omora, a conservation project in Puerto Williams, Chile, the southernmost town in the world! She is excited to share the things she learned there while working alongside researchers in many different fields: birds, freshwater macroinvertebrates, mosses and lichens, invasive species, climate change, and more. Nancyrose is a Seattle native and is thrilled to be returning to the Pacific Northwest after seven years away, studying in Boston and then migrating to Chile.

She looks forward to the rain, the smell of pine needles, and the delicious Sound View food. Since she has been speaking Spanish almost exclusively for the past two years, be patient with her if she accidentally responds to you en español!