Chalet Renovation Fund

First of all camp this summer is going wonderfully.   The infusion of new ideas from James Goodman (Goody) - our site manager (summer program director) - along with a fantastic blend of new and old staff has made this summer a success.  Kids want to come back not only next year - but next week!  

This is our last of three sessions - the fullest yet - and for the next couple of years, I hope to concentrate on filling them with a waiting list before expanding.  Our early-July session was a no-go but we successfully transformed it into a unique family camp week and we know, that with a year's marketing, this will become a popular week with families and a feeder into our youth programs.

Next week we are hosting Camp Fire Orca (Tacoma) as they run their youth camp at our site.  This is coming around full circle as Sound View was once Camp Fire Camp Wakoma with many of our structures built by them (Tree House, Chalets, Longhouse).  It will be wonderful to have them here.

The week after that (August 13-18) we are hosting the Peace Community youth from the Hilltop neighborhood of Tacoma.  This is a new outreach also to youth who would benefit much from being at camp.  At the same time - we are running TEEN RENOVATION CAMP.

Our goal is to make the five chalet cabins heatable (weatherized) so we can expand our capacity by 20 beds and have the ability to host scout groups and family camp groups in that unique village.

The teens that will be helping do this will be learning skills they can take on a mission or use all their lives.  We will be tearing up and laying down a new insulated floor. sealing and insulating walls and ceilings, installing windows, and building custom beds.   

After the work is completed, each teen can take pride in a real service project that will benefit the camp for years.

I am asking for funds to get this done.  We figure it will cost about $1,500 per chalet and we have 5 of them.  They have names - but no one is really attached to those names - so this would be a great opportunity for your church to have a building named for it.  How cool would that be?

So, are you in? 

I have set up a special donation fund for the chalets which you can find here.

Thank you so much for supporting Sound View.  We know we are making a difference - sharing Christ's love -  in kids lives every day.