Favorite Camp Tools

I am packing up my car with stuff I will need for camp because , the groups are starting to stream in, requiring two of us to live here,  and staff training is happening really soon, and I can no longer rely on commuting back and forth from Anderson Island (where I live) by boat.  This summer, my residence is the Garden Cabin.  I like it - well mostly - it is a long walk to the bath house.

Every staff member has their favorite tools that they bring to camp.  For some - a favorite devotional book.  Maybe for others - a "bag of tricks" - games and such to entertain and amuse any group.  Some bring the things that give them comfort and the willingness to share feelings with all they encounter.  Some bring teddy bears.  Some bring the perfect costumes for all occasions (I don't know how they do it).  Each leader has discovered her or his unique tool, for the toolbox, to make camp a special place unlike any other.

For me - it is my 35 year old 12-string guitar that I bought new after I graduated from college. Does that give you an idea how old I am?  This guitar and I have been everywhere, singing at literally thousands of campfires, on quiet front porches, with friends or often alone.  I think music is a powerful tool and I believe that people who sing together - the old songs, as well as the new - can rejoice in so many ways.  Although I will pick up a banjo, or ukulele, or play the piano when needed - my guitar is the tool that works best for me to reach others to share the camp spirit.

Hopefully you can come to camp this summer and sing with me.  I know all the old "hippy" songs, the ones I made up myself,  praise songs best sung at camp, and the silly ones meant for kids.  I may think my fingers are clever and my mind is sharp to remember all this - but maybe it is my old guitar on autopilot, making the moment special.