Animal Fund

It has been a real joy to see the reaction of the folks who have come to camp the past couple of month to the new mini-farm and the animals always looking for attention.  Personally, I love the bleating of the sheep and goats, the clucking of the chickens, and vigilant silence of the llama - a welcome addition to the special feeling of Sound View - and so different to what most of our guests hear in their own communities.

The animals are for the most part rescued.  Their purpose now is to be loved and to educate.  Sound View Camp will not really receive income as a direct benefit from the mini-farm and no group/camp would come specifically because the min-farm is on site.  However, the addition of the farm adds to the whole experience and allows camp staff to reach youth.families in unique ways, including establishing a needed 4H program to the local community.

If you are interested in helping sustain this new, wonderful mini-farm program, then you can donate online.  (There is a new "Animal Fund" category).   This will help pay for hay, feed, and vet care for the camp critters.  Thank you for supporting Sound View - the site, the scholarships, and now the animals.