What am I excited about?

You know - this is my first year at Sound View and it has so far been a year of profound changes,  The Camp board has made the commitment to make Sound View the best it can be while the churches of our nearby Presbyteries have pledged to support camp.  How cool is this?

So - what am I excited about?

I am excited about the new floating dock that will soon become part of our waterfront.  This dock will be light enough to ride out the Puget Sound winter waves so we can canoe year round  (weather permitting).

I am excited about the mini-farm.  Too often, young people don't have opportunities to care for "God's critters" and this summer, our goats, sheep. chickens, ducks, cats and llama will be loved and cared for.

I am excited about the dining hall.  We nave new tables (big 6 foot round ones that seat 10) and new comfy chairs.  We are moving back to "family style" eating to promote the togetherness of a cabin group - which, by the way, is 10 people.

I am excited about the dining hall field which now boasts all sorts of activities between the program office and the A-Frame.  On the field is a new stage, campfire ring,  and whopping big benches to provide the perfect place for morning chapel, and skits.

I am excited about hundreds of young people getting to know Christ a little bit better, unplugged, surrounded by His unspoiled creation.

I am excited about the A-Frame which becomes a program area and home to the camp ukuleles.  It will be neat to watch and listen to campers play and sing the songs best done at camp.

I am excited about the Expedition campers canoeing from camp (destination Anderson Island) and returning to camp three days later to a hero's welcome.

I am excited about all the cool stuff that campers will be able to do this summer.

I am excited about showing off camp at open houses in May and June.

I am excited about LITs and Rovers.  Teens at camp are the best!  LITs will learn leadership skills and put them into practice with the mini-camp weeks while rovers will be the crucial 2nd leader in the cabin groups.

I am excited about international staff from Colombia and possibly Italy.  We live on an ever-changing planet and camp is a good place to promote understanding.

You can get excited too by sharing the joy of this wonderful outdoor ministry.  Encourage kids to sign up.  Sign up your own kids/grandkids.  Sponsor a child (or two, or twelve) to come to camp.  Spread the word.  Get excited!