The 10, the 10, the 4, and the 1


No, this is not a Lord of the Rings referral..  that would be the 3, the 7, the 9 and the 1.  This is about summer staffing and getting excited about college students returning home for the holidays and them thinking about an amazing summer job.

The 10
Ten college-age staff that can run all of our summer programs for all our guests - PLUS, be awesome camp counselors for our own summer campers.

The 10
Ten volunteer Rovers (going into 11th/12th grade) who will learn to do what the other 10 can do and be just as amazing.

The 4
Four kitchen staff (two cooks and two helpers) who will run a super-important aspect of camp... the dining hall.

The 1
The waterfront director.  We are Camp Sound View and safely-run beachfront activities require a special person. 

Do you know a wonderful person who would be a perfect addition to Sound View's 2018 team? Are YOU that perfect person?