The Deal with Discounts Explained


I have been fielding a few friendly questions about discounts.  Cool!  That means folks are interested in camp but want to get the best "deal" when they register.  Over the years, there have been quite a number of discounts offered with great reasons for doing so.  This year, however, we are taking a different approach.

First, we believe that our camp fees are quite reasonable already.  Perform a search of ACA accredited camps in the region, and you will find no others even close to our camp rates.  We are inexpensive because Sound View has a low overhead, a small, talented staff, and a board and Presbytery committed to keeping camp within reach of all.

Our discounts this year are based on two things:

  1. Registering early, and/or
  2. Taking the time to host, or come to an open house or camp information event.

Until March 1st, those who register for a summer session receive the 15% "early bird" discount. This discount will drop down to 10% for the month of March.  We would love to fill summer camp early because it is way easier to plan ahead than to "scramble" when families sign up at the last minute.

In April, May, and June we will hold an occasional open house at Sound View or be the guest at a camp night, worship service, or a camp family's home to promote summer.  Those who attend these events will get a discount code to apply to their session.  Families willing to host a camp night at their home or church can contact me. (

So, please take advantage of discounts - but even better - spread the word to your friends with camp-aged kids.  Help us keep camp affordable by helping us fill it.