We try new stuff because...

...we should!  What is most enjoyable is how we come up with ideas to fill in the empty days with new programs.  We like having people at camp so we are not afraid to think and plan.

For instance:

  • Hmmm - we have no groups December 16th
  • That's not good.  Any suggestions?
  • Well, it is close to Christmas!
  • But, not too close.
  • And people are doing their decorating.
  • And baking.
  • Cookies.  I love Christmas cookies.
  • And kids are getting antsy and need to run around.
  • To get their wiggles out.
  • Yeah - to get their wiggles out.
  • Camp is good for that - running around and stuff.
  • The dining hall is good for baking - we do it all the time.
  • Baking for LOTS of people.
  • LOTS of cookies.
  • While kids are running around...
  • Getting their wiggles out
  • Yeah, that too.
  • Or sitting quietly doing crafts sometimes.
  • After the wiggles are gone, that is.
  • Maybe we can have parents and kids at camp that Saturday.
  • Good Idea! What can they do?
  • Bake and craft, silly!  And kids can run and play games.
  • To get their wiggles out?
  • Sure!
  • What could we call it?  It should have a descriptive name.
  • Ummmm - how about Cookies, Crafts and Games?
  • Awesome - Let's put it on the calendar.