Back of the bread


I made myself a bowl of oatmeal this morning - added pecans to it.  I probably don't have enough pecans left to make a proper pie but that is probably a good thing in this post-Christmas time.  Anyways - when my oatmeal was done, a camp "singing grace" grace popped into my head - one of my favorites - and me being the ever-singing type - sung it out loud.

Back of the bread is the flour,
Back of the flour is the mill,
Back of the mill is the sun and the rain
And the Father's will.

Of course, we understand that God makes what we prepare in the mills.  His will is in everything we see and in each one of us.  People too are affected by the "sun and the rain" - those things that the Lord gives us and tests us with.  Camp is one of those places where we make "flour" - a special type of mill where what God has made comes - and is changed - and given new purpose.