Our archery range, and instructors can be a great opportunity for members of your group to learn and grow. The range allows for graduated difficulty based on the skill level of the participant. This is a fun and educational experience for any adventurer!


Yes - we have a paintball challenge course with all the equipment to add this to your group's program.  Hide behind some clever obstacles, and let the best team win!

Food Service

Our cooks are experienced, fun and ready to make this a great experience for your group. We regularly help groups plan around budgets, special "favorite" meals, food allergies, and many other considerations! One reputation that we've worked hard to develop and maintain is that no camper should go home hungry, we won't limit you to one serving of blah food, we always make sure to have plenty of delicious food on hand for hungry active participants!


Beautiful Location

Sound View's waterfront gives you access to nearly half a mile of beach front, most of which is a beautiful sand and pebble beach. To add to the natural surroundings, Sound View has a 350 foot pier that allows access to the water regardless of tide during summer months.

Using Boats and Swimming

Ask about having a Sound View lifeguard on duty in order to provide canoes, kayaks, and other small water craft.

Challenge Course

Team Building Initiatives

An Initiative is a project or problem where success requires a wide range of the group’s mental, physical, and social skills. Initiatives are set up with the belief that each member of your group brings both strengths and weaknesses to the process. Initiatives help develop a strong group cohesiveness by improving communication, developing leadership, and creating a sense of team identity.

High Ropes Course

The High Ropes Course is a series of obstacles such as rope bridges and balance beams suspended twenty-
five to thirty-five feet in the air. Each participant wears a climbing harness and helmet and is attached to a belay line, ensuring their safety at all times. The High Ropes Course is much more of an individual growth experience where each participant is going through the obstacles by themself while your group is encouraging them. The Course can be used as a way to get individuals to step out and grow or just as a fun afternoon activity.